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O190376 B/E Aerospace | Minipod 1005209

  • Description |
    We have a ship set of Minipod 1005209 Business Class Passenger Seats for Airbus A330 Family in very remarkable condition; EXW Germany.

    We at aviationscouts GmbH are cabin experts. As a 1-Stop-Shop we integrate many services which are based on the client's requirements. We overhaul seats and make them like new! We can integrate change dress covers and cushions, do deep cleaning and IRAN (inspect & repair as necessary). This is what we do for all kinds of airlines on all continents in our shop in the heart of Germany.

    Our services mainly include:
    - Seat refurbishment projects,
    - Engineering services related to Part 145, 21.J & 21.G,
    - Seat assembly spare parts, LOPA optimizations,
    - Minor mods - Weight optimizations (IFE removals),
    - cover/cushion changes,
    - USB power integrations.
    - After life solutions,
    - Lease starts/returns - areas related to the cabin.

    For more information just fill in the RFQ form. Thanks.
  • Aircraft Type |
    Airbus A330 | A340 Family
  • Seat Manufacturer | B/E Aerospace
  • Seat Model | Minipod 1005209
  • Seat Type |
    Business Class
  • Seat Condition |
  • Seat layout |
    6 abreast
  • Seat TSO |
    TSO-C127a 16G
  • Year of manufacturing |
  • IFE |
  • Recline |
  • Comfort |
    Foot Rest
  • Options available |
    IRAN (inspect, repair/replace as necessary) , EASA Form 1,Overhaul
  • Available shipsets | 1
  • Passenger places | 38
  • Lead time | 30 days
  • Location |

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